“Results From Working With a Personal Trainer”

Hey Evan,

My name is Matt Guffey and I’m the owner of Victory High Performance, a personal trainer and strength coach who works with athletes and general population folks alike.. I figured I could help with your story if you still need some info!

What a client can expect varies according to myriad factors including but not limited to frequency, consistency, diet, and sleep..

I see my clients minimum twice a week to ensure that they see results, although many of my clients come four times per week so they can certainly expect to see better body composition, increased performance gains, etc. than those who come less frequently.

I used to do it once a week for some people but I found that they weren’t doing anything else outside of our time together and then it’s nearly impossible to see or feel a difference. Two times weekly allows us to hit every major movement at least once and sometimes twice. 

To make things simple…

1 month: Feel and move better. All of my clients have stated that they at the very least notice a difference in how they feel and move which is ultimately the greatest metric when it comes to fitness.

6 months: Improved body composition (provided their diet and sleep regimen is on point) and increased strength, power, lung capacity as well as decreased sub maximal heart rate and improved metabolic efficiency.

12 months: Huge improvement in strength gains. We have “gold standard” strength markers that we’re always pushing towards and I’d say after a year of consistent training they will likely have reached one or more of those goals 

Re: results with v. without a trainer.. 

With a trainer you *should* have clearly defined goals and intelligently planned programming geared toward achieving said goals, which is the major benefit qualified trainers provide.

I say *should* because not all trainers are created equal and I still see a lot of trainers come up with random workouts with no purpose or end goal that are simply geared toward wearing their clients out and it’s no way to train.

Without a trainer you risk overtraining certain muscle groups (often the chest, triceps and shoulders) and detraining others (most commonly the back, glutes, and hamstrings).

New clients should expect to make serious but incremental, sustainable lifestyle changes in order to see results. If they fuel properly, sleep enough, and train intelligently and frequently then there shouldn’t be any reason they can’t achieve body composition and/or performance goals! 

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